Nov 20, 2007

the Rainbow kicks Barney's arse

The show Barney as we all know, is a whole load of SHIT and the show intends to turn all kids into possessed souls chanting "I love you, you love me" all day long.

What the world needs is a kids show that teaches children the realities of life like masturbation, sex, swearing, etc. (Note: etc is used to make ppl think you know more than u actually do).

So some English geniuses, hail them, came up with this show in the 70s but because of the Queen's orders it was kept off the air. But of cause nothing can be kept off YouTube, including top secret Malaysian bribe induced discussions.

It is believed that Ali G watched this show once and it was the defining point in his life that turned him into the nice polite caring soul that he is now.

I urge you all to let anyone you know who is below the age of 8 to watch this.

"Lets all go play with our balls now"

Nov 1, 2007


No this is not a hip hop gangsta video.
What's with niggas and fucking guns anyways?

In our country, which is basically the penis of the asian continent, guns are not legal. However if you have enough money
anything is possible - including becoming the prime minister maybe.

Like most Asians, the penis of the Asian continent is small. This penis, is surrounded by a HUGE testicle (made up of 13000+ mini testicles) to the south west and a small dipshit kiasu testicle directly south.

Why Guns Should Be Made Legal On This Penis.

1. STUPID and i mean STUPID drivers who don’t even deserve to ride a bicycle.

"These kind of drivers see a bird flying and brake to avoid it"

People should be allowed to stop their cars, and shoot these dumbass drivers.

2. IDIOTS who drive in the middle of two lanes - directly on the line like a fucking airplane on the runway.

People should be allowed to drive over them, stop their cars, and shoot these dumbass drivers.

3. CUNTS who drive at 25km/h on the fast lane - a common occurrence on the LDP.

People should be allowed to drive over them, stop their cars, piss on them, and shoot these dumbass drivers.

4. FACE PROBLEM probationary drivers who think they are highly skilled drivers.

People should be allowed to drive over them, stop their cars, piss on them, and shoot these dumbass drivers twice.

5. "I suffer from Chronic-park-like-a-dumb-cross-eyed-brainless-bitch".
These drivers park so badly that half of their car is sitting in the next parking bay thus not allowing anyone else to park there. I wonder if they pay for two bays?

People should be allowed to wait till the idiot comes back for HER car, punch HER in the face, piss on HER, shoot the dumbass driver twice and if SHE has a better car, we should be allowed to take it home.

6. Old women, or actually all women drivers in general who look at their side mirrors, see you speeeeeeeding, then just cut into your lane causing you to see your life flash before your eyes for a few mili-seconds.

People should be allowed to slam into them, make them run off the road, piss on them, shoot the dumbass driver trice and if she has a better car, we should be allowed to take it home.


...need I say more?

Killing them off would seriously do the world a favour.

Oct 30, 2007

Mika Heineken

A funny tribute to one of the best drivers ever in Formula 1.

No it was not easy....

Oct 6, 2007

She was beautiful.

Some say that I look like James Blunt...
But the same people also still do argue that the Moon is the center of the universe and that Rajnikanth was once actually human..

"There are no stupid questions, just stoopid-people"

Oct 5, 2007

Amber Cina

We've all heard of Amber Chia...
Some may have even heard the way she speaks english - and then turned off the radio.

Anyways this is a song by Ben's Bitches, it's on I think their latest album, called Mamak Conspiracy. "Be original - buy original" (if you feel like it or you can afford it, if not be Malaysian and download).

Anyways this video is from Kenny Sia's website.

Remember, insult people more often - it makes them happy.

Sep 25, 2007

Indians make the world go round. Not.

Stoopid-People might be up and running again soon.

Things that stand in the way:

1. Being too lazy to post.
2. I'm hungry.
6. I'll think of the rest when I have the time.

Back to Indians....enjoy.

Nov 15, 2005


last post bang chinese girls.. this one.. chinese guys la.. lol

lazy to talk cock la.. so oh well heres it..
marvel comics talked about almost every superhero we know.. but one was left out..
the famous..
the strongest..
the fattest..
the fastest..
the most kiasu also..
fetured in the sin chew or chiew.. jit poh as superhero of the year fer 25 yrs straight presenting.. weighing only as much as 3 pigs.. give it up for.. CHIIIIINAAAA MANNNNNNNN.

china guy :
ah halo ah halo. tankyew for kaming to my shows. first i wan start with my new theme song. okay so here goes. KWOK hit it! play button! goooo~~~.. ( k la that as ah beng as i can get wei)

*fengtau kicks in*
wata teet teet bzz bzz bzz tttt bzzt bzzt wata ting tong ti ting ting bzzt bzz tititi tiong piong wuw uw...

chinaman, chinaman

does whatever a chinese can
sells a dvd anywhere
runs away from MPPJ

Look out!
here comes a chinaman

is he yellow?
listen good
hes got clits under his hood
can he swing with a noodle
take a look underneath
saw that?
there goes a chinaman.. (into the drain...)

in the heat of daylight
at scene of the crime
like a streak of yellow light,
he runs away just in time

chinaman, chinaman
friendly jinjanghood chinaman
fame and fortune is NEVER ingored
evo nine is his reward

look out
there goes a chinaman

in the chill of night
on a road in jinjang
like a streak of light,
an evo races by... (being chased by about 55 cop cars...)

chinaman, chinaman
bangs a lala like no one can
nothing is left of the bitch
2 inches did some wonderous shit

to him... why does it have to be so big??
my blond mohawk always does the trick
oh yeah! cause im the CHINAMAN!